Past Projects

eToolkit on Pain Management
The rapid development of the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICTs) is creating unprecedented opportunities to improve the management and study of pain worldwide. The Centre for Global eHealth Innovation joined forces with the International Union against Cancer (UICC) to create an “eToolkit” of resources designed to help adapt success stories on the management of pain from one part of the world to another.

The aim of this project was to collaborate with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC, formerly known as the International Union Against Cancer) in the implementation of strategic directions related to eHealth and cancer, worldwide.

Facilitating REB Reviews Through E-Technology
A standardized web-based platform to review clinical research proposals would lead to a more efficient and effective, consistent REB protocol review system. The goal of this project was to develop and evaluate a web-based REB review and educational platform for clinical research protocols and consents.

ICT Platform for Public Engagement
The purpose of this project was to create the physical and technological infrastructure for public engagement consisting of facilities for live events, multimedia broadcasting, audiovisual interactivity, virtual public engagement facilities via the web (including hand-held wireless devices and other computing devices), knowledge management, and feasibility for telephony and interactive digital television. The platform, which was created with funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, was implemented at the University of Toronto’s Joint Centre for Bioethics, and the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health in Toronto.

Internet Clinical Communication Centre Project
The Internet Clinical Communication Centre (iC3) was an interactive website developed to allow patients access to clinical test results and to communicate with their health care provider around the management of chronic health conditions with particular emphasis on well follow-up.

The ACTION Project
This project sought to employ innovative virtual technology to develop and test an Internet-based “Collaborative Community” focused on engaging people in a virtual dialogue to advance the understanding of “Why do clinical trials face such difficulty recruiting participants?”.

Virtual Supportive Care Centre
The Virtual Supportive Care Centre (VSC) was a prototype Internet-based information resource designed to enable cancer survivors to identify community-based resources to meet their needs. Many of its components are now informing the development of Youth for Health.

Canadian Experience Un-conference
A one-day event designed to generate practical solutions to the under-utilization of newcomers’ professional skills in our country.
A highly participative event without keynote speakers or pre-set sessions where attendants, with the support a guidance of an experienced facilitator, self-organize, define their own agenda, and work in groups to harness the power of their individual expertise and let ground-breaking ideas and results emerge.

Centre for Innovation on Human Well-being
This project explored new modalities of international partnership between the Hispanic and the Anglophone worlds, to promote optimal levels of wellbeing, worldwide. This Centre, funded by the Spanish and Andalusian governments, included living laboratories, simulation environments and strong alliances with leading groups from industry and the community to explore ways in which every aspect of the lives of humans that contribute to their quality of life could be transformed positively through the innovative use of information and communication technologies.

A health related spam study showed that it is possible to purchase products purported to be prescription drugs and controlled substances from the Internet.

A Journey To Your Good Health
This project, based at the Royal Ontario Agricultural Winter Fair (ROAWF), includes an interactive exhibit designed to educate and entertain the whole family about making the best food choices, understanding the research behind the production of the food supply, and empowering them to navigate their own path to good health throughout life.

Journey to Your Good Health: Youth Leadership
This project outlined a strategy designed to identify priorities that align with the Royal Ontario Agricultural Winter Fair (ROAWF), and sets forth an agenda with research-based projects which youth will lead and take action on in their own communities. This research supported further ROAWF initiatives in the broad areas or ‘pilars’ of: agriculture, food security, and healthy living, and promoted related research agendas in Canada on these topics.

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